WElcome to hearthcraft

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Core Features


The server has just enough features to ensure that you have something to do. It doesn’t have too much that it’s overly complex.


We hate drama as much as you do. We don’t tolerate anyone who intends to disrupt the server’s peace.


We are not one of those soulless hub servers. In HearthCraft, we try our best to keep the community active, connected, and undivided

Player Reviews

Listen to what the others have to say about our server.

HearthCraft is a player-friendly SMP server. It includes many simple plugins that make the server run well and a shop to which players can buy and sell their items. Many players often say that the community is great and that the staff are extremely talented and helpful. This is a server that no other community can grasp.



The server is a ton of fun to play on, with new updates made, there's an endless amount of stuff to do. The people, staff, and admins on the server are very friendly, and are always there to help you!



HearthCraft is probably one of the best Minecraft servers I've played on. The staff team is helpful and active and the community is cool and mature. There's almost always someone online and even if they're not on Minecraft, they will be if you message them on Discord.