Welcome to HearthCraft!

We've been making the best experiences since October 2018.

Core Features


The server has just enough features to ensure that you have something to do. It doesn’t have too much that it’s overly complex.


We hate drama as much as you do. We don’t tolerate anyone who intends to disrupt the server’s peace.


We are not one of those soulless hub servers. In HearthCraft, we try our best to keep the community active, connected, and undivided

Player Reviews

Don’t take only our

word for it.

I was hooked within the first 10 minutes by the welcoming environment and helpful players/mods. My immediate impression was "Fantastic, a smaller server with a great community" and so far that has remained mostly true! Though there have been issues here and there, the staff are swift in tending to them, leaving me with a great deal of trust in their management of this server. No problem is a problem for long! I would also like to mention one of my favorite things that's extremely rare in a lot of servers: active listening to the players and their requests!


I personally found enjoyment in the HearthCraft server so much often and playing every day I always find something new to do and I'm estimating by the end of the month I will probably have almost every farm in the game constructed and ill still have a list a mile long of things I wanna do 😀 I also enjoy the no resetting because it allows new players to see what people create over years of being a server and just seeing the history of a server that you just joined is already an appealing feature I would love to see in other server, it just allows for a much more warming welcome to new players to get to see the achievements of other players without them getting greifed


I personally have had a great time on this server and have always found other players to be lots of fun to play with. Staff can sometimes make choices that do not necessarily follow community approval but there is usually a good reason for it. Even when everyone is upset with them, as a team they don't really get mad in return. Thank you everyone who makes this an amazing place to come and play!