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We've been making the best experiences since October 2018.

Core Features


The server has just enough features to ensure that you have something to do. It doesn’t have too much that it’s overly complex.


We hate drama as much as you do. We don’t tolerate anyone who intends to disrupt the server’s peace.


We are not one of those soulless hub servers. In HearthCraft, we try our best to keep the community active, connected, and undivided

Player Reviews

Don’t take only our

word for it.

My opinion of the server is quite nice. It's not the best but also not the worst. There are a lot of cool and new and fun ways to play the game that is possible due to the improvements made. But the grinding of it all is rather hard. The staff is very nice and talkative. It also feels like an extended vanilla over a modded server.



I first joined HearthCraft due to a recommendation from a friend. I didn't expect much. Many other SMP servers were either inactive, p2w, or large, lifeless servers where no-one cared about other players. HearthCraft however, was different. From the moment I joined, I was greeted with warm welcomes and friendly faces (metaphorically). Everyone was friendly, helpful, and willing to answer any questions I had. It’s not the features on the server that draw me back everyday (though those are good) - it’s the memories I’ve made, and the community I've seen that really keep me coming back.



HearthCraft is the most fun I have ever had playing Minecraft. When I first joined. the people that were on at the time all welcomed me, and one of them even gave me some stuff to start out with. The server's staff are amazing, and probably the nicest staff that I have ever seen. They have helped me out a lot during the time that I have played on the server, and I have seen them help out a lot of other people. If you join I guarantee you will have just as much fun as me