Welcome to HearthCraft!

We've been making the best experiences since October 2018.

Core Features


The server has just enough features to ensure that you have something to do. It doesn’t have too much that it’s overly complex.


We hate drama as much as you do. We don’t tolerate anyone who intends to disrupt the server’s peace.


We are not one of those soulless hub servers. In HearthCraft, we try our best to keep the community active, connected, and undivided

Player Reviews

Don’t take only our

word for it.

I very much enjoy this server and all the work that's gone into it. It took me a little time to become part of the community but I think that says more about me because the people are, for the most part, lovely.


I've been playing for a bit now and it the first server I joined cause I literally bought java just to play it with my mates and honestly best decision ever! I love the server so much and the staff and everyone is so nice. It has literally made me laugh so many times and its better to every other server I've been on. So uniquely kind!


This server is a wonderful place, the crates are a nice addition, there are many additions to special items you get in them, not to mention the addition of all the plugins like BetterEnd and mcMMO really spice up the experience itself. The staff are friendly, do their jobs well and everyone is able to have a good time because of them, keep up the good work.