Read the following rules.

If you have any questions, please ask before doing!
NOTE: Just because it's a prohibition, doesn't mean it warrants an instant ban or mute. As a staff team, we will try our best to consider and understand situations on a case-by-case basis, and will usually resort to a verbal, unlogged warning if it is enough to solve the situation. However, punishments will be issued non-hesitantly to people
who clearly cross a line.
  • Building excessively laggy farms
    • this includes farms with too many entities, especially those built with the sole intent to lag the server
  • Building mechanisms that lag the server.
  • Being in possession of duplicated, illegal, or unintended items
  • Evading the AFK kick timer in any way
    • Evading the AFK kick timer includes but is not limited to:
      Using AFK machines
      Using macros
      Leaving something heavy on the spacebar
  • Using alt accounts to evade an existing punishment
  • Having more than 1 alt account online at a time
  • Abusing alts to get money
  • Abusing alts to vote on VPNs
  • Using or encouraging the use of alt generators
  • Griefing*
  • Inappropriate/discriminatory builds
  • Knowingly killing a player
    • TP killing with /tpa, /tpahere, or pwarps
  • In-game or real life scamming
    • Miscommunications or misunderstandings are not always scamming
  • Selling fake items (i.e. with fake lores) without telling the buyers that it’s fake
  • Trading in-game items with real-life assets or services (i.e. PayPal, crypto, gift cards, etc.)
  • Setting a home in or around another player’s base or claim without their consent
  • Refusing to leave someone’s claim/build and the area around it
  • Evading claim bans
    • Player warp bans are not regulated by staff. Players can ban other players from their player warp for any reason and even no reason at all.
  • Making cobblestone monsters/lava casts unless it is used to build something
  • Claiming land or building a significant structure that is nearer than 161 blocks from another claim or significant structure, unless you acknowledge the risk that the person who owns the build/claim near you can force you to remove/move your build/claim.
    • Claims made by players who have been offline for more than 90 days can be removed if certain conditions are met
  • Making a bee farm with more than 75 hives or 225 bees
  • Creating and/or using Nether portal chunk loaders
  • Using/cracking the world seed for intel
  • Trolling, as in inflammatory, antagonistic, or insincere behavior.
  • Encouraging players to break the rules
  • Being disrespectful or toxic to other players
  • Discussing harmful topics in global
    • These topics include but are not limited to:
      • Drugs
      • Violence
      • Politics
  • Inappropriate names or nicknames
    • Inappropriate names or nicknames include but are not limited to:
      • Religious and political taboos
      • Sexual references
      • Staff or celebrity impersonation
  • Excessive and/or directed profanity
  • Excessive use of capital letters
  • Spamming of any kind
    • Spamming includes but is not limited to:
      • Using /rtp or any unnecessary command repeatedly
      • Repeating a message
      • Typing word by word
      • Spamming ChatBrawl answers in global
      • Spamming ChatFeelings to be rude
  • Excessively pinging any player or staff member
  • Nagging for abused items, free ranks, or staff
  • Any racist, homophobic, discriminatory, vulgar, or threatening remarks
  • Slurs, both implicit and explicit, regardless of anyone’s sexuality/race/background or any other trait in any context
  • Making fun of pronouns
  • Disgusting or overtly sexual messages in global or public chats
  • Anything that encourages suicide or self-harm
  • DDoSing, DoSing, or doxing (or threatening to do so) other players or the server
  • Purposefully creating unnecessarily heated arguments about certain topics, especially those deemed sensitive. If you must have a heated argument, please do not do it in public chat.
  • Impersonating a player, staff member, or an influential and well-known person, especially with the intent 
  • Roleplaying in global chat (do so in /l, /msg, /p, /e, or /vip)
  • Refusing to listen to staff
  • Lying to the staff team to evade punishments 
  • Advertising in-game shops, services, auctions, or player warps outside of the /tr or trade channel aside from when such information is requested. Renaming tools or items to player warp names and frequently showing the item in global counts as advertising. 
  • Advertising other servers, especially less-known servers with the intent to get people from our playerbase to play on the server in question. Servers deemed ubiquitous such as, but not limited to, Hypixel, Wynncraft, or the Hive, will, in most cases, be exempt from this rule.
  • Links in global chats other than links that are officially endorsed by HearthCraft (e.g. the website, our Discord server, feedback forms, vote links)
  • Using Discord #mc-chat to troll people on the server
  • Swearing is allowed on the server, as long as it is only used as an expression, it is not used excessively, and it is not directed towards other players.
  • All server rules still apply in calls and text channels in the HearthCraft Discord server.
  • All server chat rules apply in #mc-chat.
    • Do not advertise your player warps through #mc-chat.
    • Do not troll through #mc-chat
    • Avoid spamming placeholders in #mc-chat (@pos, @bal, @power, etc.)
  • If you are under 13, do not join the HearthCraft Discord server. It is a violation of Discord’s terms of service and can get the HearthCraft Discord server shut down.
  • Do not send links to any form of voice calls in public chats. Use /msg or /local.
    • For players under 13 or people in a call with children under 13, do not send call links to anyone you do not know. 
  • Inappropriate statuses and About Me sections are subject to the server’s chat rules and the staff team may request it to be changed in order to stay on the server.
  • Griefing is a bannable offense
    • Griefing includes but is not limited to:
      • Building around spawn to block players off and claiming the said build
      • Intentionally destroying or stealing from other player’s builds, bases, claims, or property, claimed or not
      • Claiming another player’s unclaimed build
      • Claiming or building around another player’s build so that it is obstructed
  • Griefing also can include actions like leaving things in other people’s chests
  • Abusing glitches or bugs is punishable (if you find one, report them to staff or with /report bug within a reasonable time frame to receive amnesty)
    • Glitches include but are not limited to:
      Enderpearl glitch
      Duplicating items
      Shop loops
    • *You are allowed to enderpearl glitch up to the nether roof
  • Using hacked clients, mods, or texture packs that give you an unfair advantage are not allowed.
  • Hacked clients include but are not limited to:
    • Forcefield or KillAura
    • X-ray, client or resource pack
    • Autoclicker
    • Chest finder
    • Water walking
    • Sprint
    • Fly or Hover
    • Reach
    • Minimaps with entity or player tracking
    • Minimaps with cave view


Staff have the discretion to penalize someone if they think it is right, even if they have not broken any rule. If you think you have been penalized unfairly, contact the owner.