Read the following rules.

If you have any questions, please ask before doing!

Just because it's a prohibition, doesn't mean it warrants an instant ban or mute. As a staff team, we will try our best to consider and understand situations on a case-by-case basis, and will usually resort to a verbal, unlogged warning if it is enough to solve the situation. However, punishments will be issued non-hesitantly to people
who clearly cross a line.

To get support, open a ticket on Discord (#support-tickets) or send an e-mail to Alternatively, if you cannot use the aforementioned methods, you may use /mail send to a staff member.
  1. Don’t hack, autoclick, xray, grief, or steal
  2. Don’t abuse bugs, evade the AFK timer, or cause significant lag
  3. Keep chat appropriate and free of spam
  4. Do not use slurs or directed profanity
  1. Staff members’ word is final and supersedes written rules. Listen to what the staff team says.
  2. Lying to staff to try to evade punishments will increase the severity of the punishment.
  3. Repeat offenses result in increasingly harsh punishments.
  4. Attempting to bypass or find loopholes to these rules in any way to avoid punishments will not be tolerated.

World Interaction Prohibitions

    1. Building lag machines.
    2. Making any inappropriate, discriminatory, or vulgar build.
    3. Refusing to leave a player’s general vicinity, claim, or build.
    4. Evading claim bans.
    5. Escaping or attempting to escape the world borders.
    6. Making cobblestone monsters or lavacasts unless it is being utilized constructively.
    7. Creating or using chunk loaders of any kind.
    8. Cracking or using the world seed for intel.


  1. Claiming your builds and areas is extremely important for protecting your assets and builds.
  2. Claim prohibitions
    1. Evading claim bans
    2. Claiming or building within 161 blocks of someone else’s claim without permission.
      1. You can scan for nearby claims by looking in all directions and shift clicking while holding a stick.
      2. In the main end, the minimum distance between claims is lowered to 80 blocks.
  3. Claim removals
    1. When someone is offline for more than 90 days, their claim may be eligible for removal if it is obstructing an active player’s ability to build and if certain conditions are met.
      1. This does NOT mean that staff will unclaim existing bases for you to raid or steal.
      2. Meeting some or all of the inactivity requirements does not guarantee a claim will be removed.
    2. Claims on rare or valuable structures may be removed if not meaningfully used within 30 days of being claimed.

Player Warps

  1. Player Warps cost $1 million to set. When setting a Player Warp, make sure you are setting it in an area that you own or have permission to set it in.
    1. Player Warp names and content must be server appropriate.
  2. Player-run casinos are banned.
  3. Inactive Player Warps
    1. If a Player Warp owner is not maintaining or restocking their pwarp for a week or more, it may be recategorized as an inactive warp. If a player is not maintaining their pwarp for a month or more, it may be renamed with an inactivity indicator.
      1. To make a warp active again, rename it back to its original name and change its category.
  4. Player Warp Bans
    1. A Player Warp owner may ban anyone for any reason. Player Warp and claim bans are not regulated by staff.
    2. Evading playerwarp and claim bans is prohibited.
  5. Do not set Player Warps to purposefully similar versions of Player Warp names you do not own


Greifing and stealing are bannable offenses.

    Greifing includes but is not limited to:

      1. Destroying or stealing from another player’s build, base, claim, or property.
      2. Claiming another player’s unclaimed build or space.
      3. Building or claiming to obstruct access or exit to or from another claim or build.
      4. Leaving items in another player’s storage.
      5. Not replanting crops at a public player warp

Player Interactions Prohibitions

    1. Knowingly killing a player without their consent.
    2. TP killing a player with /tpa, /tpahere, or playerwarps.
    3. Impersonating a staff member, celebrity, or another player.
    4. Setting your /nickname to a 1-letter name


  1. Knowingly killing a player without their consent is prohibited.
  2. PvP areas are provided in several places (/warps to see them). Being in a designated PvP area means that you consent to PvP.
    1. The PvP in these areas is unregulated. If a player is fighting in a way you don’t like, leave the PvP area.
    2. Complaining about PvP to a disruptive extent may result in the PvP areas being closed.
  3. Do not intentionally burn, steal, or destroy the dropped inventory of another player.


  1. The economy of HearthCraft is largely player run and not tightly overseen by the staff team.
    1. Economy Prohibitions
      1. Scamming
      2. Selling a good or service and not following through with providing it.
      3. Attempting to sell items at obscene overvaluations.
      4. *Note: Miscommunications or misunderstandings are not always considered scamming.
      5. Selling fake items (i.e. lored fake enchants) without disclosing that the item is fake.
      6. Trading in game items or services with real life assets or services.
      7. Unsolicited advertising of goods, services, or playerwarps outside of the /trade channel.
      8. Putting items in the auction house for exorbitant prices.

Behave in a manner that is appropriate for our child-friendly playerbase.

Chat prohibitions

    1. Always listen to staff direction. Do not lie to staff to try to evade a punishment.
    2. General discouraged conduct
      1. Excessive or directed use of profanity.
      2. Repeatedly pinging a player.
      3. Begging for items, free ranks, staff positions, etc.
      4. Sending links in global chat that are not endorsed by HearthCraft.
      5. Creating unnecessarily heated arguments or arguments on sensitive topics in public channels.
      6. Roleplaying in global chat (use /l, /msg, /p, /e, /vip, /ae, or /nl)
      7. Communicating in a non-English language in global chat
    3. Harmful conduct
      1. Trolling
      2. Inflammatory, antagonistic, or insincere behavior.
      3. Using #mc-chat on Discord to troll.
      4. Encouraging players to break the rules.
      5. Being disrespectful or toxic to other players.
      6. Discussing harmful topics in global chats.
      7. Topics that should be avoided include but are not limited to:
        1. Drugs
        2. Violence
        3. Politics
        4. Encouraging suicide or self-harm.
        5. DDoSing, DoSing, or doxxing (or threatening to do so) players or the server.
    4. Inappropriate conduct
      1. Setting your nickname to something that includes but is not limited to:
        1. Religious, political, or social taboos.
        2. Sexual references.
        3. Staff or celebrity impersonations.
        4. Being sexual or disgusting in chat.
      2. Do not engage in inappropriate conversations with minors. Avoid interacting with minors privately or outside the server.
    5. Discrimination
      1. Any racist, homophobic, discriminatory, vulgar, or threatening remarks.
      2. Slur usage, both implicit and explicit, regardless of anyone’s sexuality/race/background or any other trait in any context.
      3. Slur usage applies to chat, private messages, item names, signs, lore, and so on.
      4. Making fun of pronouns or the use of pronouns.
    6. Spam
      1. Spamming includes but is not limited to:
        1. Excessive use of capital letters.
        2. Using any unnecessary command repeatedly.
        3. Repeating a message.
        4. Spamming ChatFeelings to be rude.
        5. Excessively pinging any player.
    7. Advertising
      1. Unsolicited advertising of shops, services, auctions, or playerwarps outside of the /tr (/trade) channel.
      2. Advertising in /tr is limited to once per hour of playtime.
      3. This includes renaming a tool or item to an advertisment and showing it in chat or putting it up for auction.
      4. Advertising other servers (exceptions are massively popular servers such as Hypixel, Wynncraft, the Cube, etc.)
      5. Sending links in global chat other than those that are officially endorsed by HearthCraft.
    8. Swearing
      1. Swearing is allowed generally, with some stipulations.
      2. Do not direct swearing at another player.
      3. Do not use profanity excessively.
  1. Duplicating items or being in possession of duplicated, illegal, or unintended items.
  2. Evading the AFK kick timer
    1. Evading the AFK kick timer includes but is not limited to methods like:
      1. AFK pools
      2. AFK machines
      3. Macros 
      4. Applications or programs
      5. Leaving something on your keyboard

Using illegal clients, modifications, or texture packs to give yourself an unfair advantage for any purpose is prohibited.

Illegal features include but are not limited to:

      1. X-ray
      2. Autoclicker
      3. Autoclickers of any speed are banned
      4. Any program or button that produces a CPS of above 20 is also banned, even if it is not an autoclicker.
      5. Buttons or programs that allow you to produce multiple click outputs from one click or interaction
      6. Fly or hover
      7. Nofall
      8. Container finder
      9. Reach 
      10. Aim, forcefield, or killaura
      11. Anything that gives you an unfair advantage over other players
    1. Minimaps that have entity/player tracking or cave view are banned. Turn these features off or use a Fair Play version of the minimap mod.
    2. Abusing the bug that allows you to autoclick when binding your right/left click to a keyboard button
  1. Abusing bugs or glitches is punishable. Report any bug or glitch you find to staff as soon as possible and do not try to profit off of it.
  2. Do not go looking for glitches or exploits.
  3. Illegal glitches include but are not limited to:
    1. Enderpearl glitching to get through walls, ceilings, floors, etc.
      1. You ARE allowed to enderpearl glitch up to the nether roof.
    2. Duplication of items
    3. Shop loops
  1. Farm prohibitions
    1. Excessively laggy farms of any type.
    2. Farms built with the intent of lagging the server.
  2. Farm entity limits
    1. All limits are based on if you only have those entities in a loaded area. Limits may be lower if you have other entities/farms in the loaded area. These limits are a soft limit meaning that you may be required to have a lower limit than stated if there are many other entities in the area.
    2. Bees: 75 hives or 225 bees
      1. Only one bee farm per person; alt accounts cannot be used to load a second farm.
    3. Shulkers: 2 farm modules
    4. Zombie Pigmen: for single dimension overworld portal farms, no other structure, farm, base, etc. can be within the despawn sphere of the farm.
      1. Do not build this type of farm unless you understand how it works first.
    5. Frogs: 30
    6. Allays: 10
    7. Wardens: 5
    8. Withers: 5
    9. Sheep: 128
    10. Chickens: 96
    11. All limits are per simulation distance.
    12. Staff may implement further limits on these or any other entity at any time if the entities are causing lag.

One alternate (alt) account per person is allowed on the server for purposes such as farm loading.

Alt account prohibitions

  1. Using an alt account to evade punishments.
  2. Having more than one alt account online at one time per person.
  3. Using an alt and a VPN to double vote.
  4. Using or encouraging the use of an alt generator.
  5. Using Stolen, bought or another player’s account (against EULA)

All server rules apply in calls and text channels in the HearthCraft Discord server.

  1. #mc-chat
    1. All server rules apply in #mc-chat.
    2. Do not troll through #mc-chat.
    3. Avoid spamming placeholders in #mc-chat (@pos, @bal, @power, etc.)
    4. Breaking rules in #mc-chat may result in the player’s permission to use the channel being revoked for a period of time or permanently.
  2. If you are under the age of 13, do not join the HearthCraft Discord server. Using Discord prior to the age of 13 violates the Discord Terms of Service. Any user below 13 will be removed from the Discord until they are old enough to join.
  3. For players under the age of 13 who use services such as Google Meets to create voice calls, do not send the link to the call to anyone you do not know.
  4. Do not send the links to any form of voice call or off-server communication service in a public chat
  5. Inappropriate statuses and About Me sections are subject to the server’s rules and the staff team may request for it to be changed.
    1. Players who refuse to change statuses or About Me sections will be removed from the server.
  • Appeals
    • Appeals and discussion about punishments is only done through tickets in the HearthCraft Discord. One can either admit fault or dispute the legitimacy of the ban. For disputes on hacking-related bans, the player may send logs.
    • A player may appeal one hacking/cheating ban for a reduced ban time. Ban time reductions are only given when the player willingly admits to the offense they were banned for.
    • Mutes and warnings are not appealable.
      • You may open a ticket to discuss these punishments.
      • Do not attempt to evade a mute via signs, renamed items, etc.
  • Punishments issued in game often extend to Discord and vice versa.


The staff team will be as reasonable and objective as possible. It is ultimately the final say of the team to decide on punishments, regardless of whether a player has broken the rules listed here. This is an extensive list, but not all inclusive.